Sample mediation rules

  1. We agree to make a good faith effort to resolve our conflict and reach a mutually acceptable settlement.
  2. We agree that mediating to reach an agreement is something we each genuinely want to do.
  3. We agree to be flexible and willing to compromise to arrive at a workable solution.
  4. We agree to come to the mediation prepared with ideas for solutions to the problem.
  5. We agree to be courteous throughout the mediation process and respectful of each other’s opinions, perceptions, and feelings.
  6. We agree to take turns speaking and let each other identify the issues that are important to us and the outcomes we want to achieve, without interrupting. If we have something to say, we’ll make a note rather than interrupt the person speaking.
  7. We agree to listen to what each other has to say.
  8. We agree to try sincerely to understand each other’s points of view, and to be prepared to explain each other’s points of view if asked to do so by the mediator.
  9. We agree to refrain from personal attacks or put-downs, intimidation, argument, venting, threats, and any verbal or physical abuse.
  10. We will make every effort to focus on creating a solution to the single problem at hand—reaching a fair and practical agreement on the custody of our pet.
  11. We agree to follow the mediator’s instructions and requests, including adjusting our behavior if asked to do so.
  12. We will ask for a break when we need one and agree if the mediator calls for a break.
  13. We will comment if something is not working for us in mediation, including any question about the mediator’s neutrality or impartiality.

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