Dog’s approval for unemployment benefits reversed

Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency reversed its approval of a weekly unemployment benefit of $360  for a German shepherd named Ryder after learning that Ryder had not been laid off from his job at a restaurant chain but was in fact a dog. Ryder’s owner Michael Haddock said he wasn’t sure what Ryder would do with the money, but that it should be interesting. “I knew he was clever, but he surprised me on this one,” Haddock said.

The agency found out fairly quickly that a man named Michael Ryder, who had worked for a chain of upscale seafood restaurants, had filed a police report that claimed possible identity theft. How the theft of Michael Ryder’s identity resulted in a letter received by Ryder the dog approving him for 20 weeks of unemployment benefits at $360 per week is a mystery that remains to be untangled.

When Haddock, was asked what he thought would be a suitable restaurant job for Ryder, he said he’d be a very good greeter or host.